When can I start the reservation?
You can make reservation 6 months before. Please make reservation from this website, or call +81-287-74-6021.
Please tell me about reservation cancellation charge.
Reservation cancellation fee will be charged:.
5-2 day before your stay is 30%,
1 day before your stay is 50%,
The day of arrival or not coming is 100%.
How much is the charge for children?
6 years old - 12 years oldwith Mealwith Bed50% of adult rates
3 years old - 5 years oldwith Mealwith Bed50% of adult rates
without Mealwithout Bed2,160yen
Under 3 years oldwithout Mealwithout Bed2,160yen
What other fee or tax is needed to stay?
Hot spring water tax (150 JPY) is needed if you are over 12 years old.
When should I pay the hotel fee?
Basically, at the time of check-out.
Is there any plan of the stay without meals?
There is no plan, but we may accept it depending on the reservation situation so please inquire.
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check-in, check-out

What time is the check-in time?
Check-in time is 15:00.
What time is the check-out time?
Check-out time is by 10:00 a.m.Since it is expected to be very crowded around 10:00 a.m., we recommend you to pre-settle after breakfast and so on. After liquidation you can use until 10:00 a.m. so please relax yourself.
Is the credit card available?
VISA, Mastercard, JCB are available.The payment should be a lump sum payment.
Is the gift coupon available?
Not available.
Can I extend the check-out time?
Yes. The extension fee is 3,300 JPY per hour.However, please understand that it may be refused according to the reservation situation of the day.
Can I leave baggage before check-in?
After checkout on the previous day, we accept procedures for checking baggage and checking in.Please note that you will be entering the room from 15 o’clock.
Can I park my car before check-in?
Depending on the availability of the parking lot, you can park it after checkout on the previous day.
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How many types of rooms are available?
Here are 4 types of rooms(Japanese style 1 type, Western style 2 types, Japanese-Western style room 1 type).
How big is the room?
Japanese style room:4 people capacity = 30m² (4 rooms)
Western style room 1:2 people capacity = 30m² (3 rooms)
Western style room 2:1 person = 17m² (1 room)
Japanese-Western style room:6 people capacity = 56m² (2 rooms)
What about bedding in the case of 2 or more people?
We have futon or day bed in your room. I’m sorry to inform you that the futon is spread by the customer himself.
Are there the bedding and the night clothes for children?
There is no preparation for bedding for child. When it is necessary, please use futon for adults. The night clothes for child prepare only middle size (120cm).
Is there the smoking room?
The whole building is a non-smoking property. There is a smoking place outdoors.
Can I bring in drinks etc?
Please refrain from bringing in foods and drinks to restaurants and rooms other than on-site vending machines.
Can I use the Internet?
Internet is available in all rooms and lobby.
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In-room Amenities

What facilities do the rooms have?
We offer television, refrigerator, shower toilet, humidifier (only as for the winter season), hair dryer, electric kettle.Microwave oven, the DVD (video) player, games are not available.
What kind of bath amenities is in the room?
We offer bath towel, face towel, slippers, tea set, cup, glass, toothbrush, hairbrush, cosmetic cotton pad, cotton swab, headband, shaver, Japanese loungewears, Japanese bathrobes (rental).
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Eat and Drink

Where can I take the dinner?
Please enjoy Japanese cuisine at restaurant “Hana-Touro”. *The menu will be changed depending on the season.
Can I make a reservation for dinner time?
Please decide the time for dinner at check-in.We can not accept it on the telephone.
Is there a banquet hall, private room in the restaurant?
We are sorry, a private room is not available but a semi private room is available.In the case of group, please tell us about it by the phone.
What time can I eat dinner or breakfast?
Dinner: 18:00- or 19:00- (You may choose the time).
Breakfast: Please visit restaurant from 8:00 to 9:30 for breakfast.
What is the menu of breakfast?
We offer Japanese cuisine, 5 to 7 dishes.
Is there the allergic correspondence of the meal?
Please tell us about it by the phone.
Do you have some baby foods?
We do not have baby-foods. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Can I have a lunch at your hotel?
We do not offer a lunch service. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
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Your Bath is hot spring?
Yes, our bath is all hot spring.
How many public bath are in the hotel?
We have one for gentlemen, and the other for ladies.
What time can I use public bath?
Open time of the public bath is 15:00-24:00 / 6:00-10:00.
Do you have any saunas?
Yes, we have saunas for each, gentlemen’s public bath and ladies’ public bath.
What kind of bath amenities is in the public bath?
We offer bath towels, towels, shampoo, hair conditioner, body wash, hair brush, facial tissue, cotton swab, hair dryer, skin lotion, milky lotion, after-shave lotion, hair tonic for men.
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Can you prepare a birthday cake, or a surprise present?
We can offer a cake and flowers with extra charge. Please call us for the reservation in advance.
Do you have a wheelchair for rent?
Yes, we have wheelchairs with free of charge. Please call us for the reservation.The number of wheelchairs is limited.
Can I go to public bath on wheelchair?
There is a few steps to the the public bath, but you can go to public bath on wheelchair.
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PHONE +81-287-74-6021

OPEN 9:00~21:00